One Day

This feels like an okay time to do some posting on my blog.

I’ve been wrestling with feeling disoriented. It’s because everything has changed while nothing has changed. Surely you know what I mean. Things outside are different since late last year. In my home, though, it’s pretty much the same for now. I’m aware of the privilege contained within that sentence.

Such a massive change in atmosphere with no change in scenery makes me feel odd. I know I’m not the only one.

I’ve been restless, so I made an ugly necklace, fifteen tiny crocheted rabbits, three tiny felt mice, four hundred tiny flowers. I liked a couple thousand tweets. “A couple.” Make that five, five thousand tweets. I took refuge in small, immediate tasks. I did it the same way anyone does who really needs it–without thinking, I ran for the nearest place. I ended up in an okay enough spot, nowhere anyone could stay forever. I’m not staying forever.

This morning I took a walk outside. It was very cold, and there’s nothing like unpleasant weather to make it seem like the world is yours. I saw one other human, and he hurried by. I took my vitamins, drew something, read a book, cooked something, will finally tackle a large project I want to see completed. I think that’s good for now. It feels good.