A walk didn’t happen today. Man, this storm. It started out in an embarrassing way.  Our car is terrible in the snow, and it was supposed to be very slippery, and the forecast snow totals kept inching up…it seemed easiest for my husband to stay home from work. He has days to take, work is slow right now, so why not? Anyway, we woke up to the tiniest bit of snow floating down in surprisingly calm air (they said “BOMB CYCLONE” for goodness’ sake, we thought there would be a breeze) and a little on the ground. Just a little. It made me feel silly for taking precautions.

I feel much less silly now. It is howling out there.

I want to go out anyway, but I won’t. I’ll have an earache later.

We’ve been shuffling through our studies here, January always feels like that to me. Shuffling. Progress is progress, though.

I’ve been mooching around reading Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States. I have this abridged teaching version  and it has been helpful to have the end-of-chapter questions I can put to the kids.

Have you ever read this book? If you feel like everything in the news is so confusing and it’s hard to understand how we got from there to here, it may be your education in history is lacking. Mine is, and the more I read, the more things fall into place. I’m on chapter 9, and so far every chapter has been devastating, each in its own way. I feel like I can be a better neighbor and citizen with the knowledge I’m gaining. I wonder how many people read this book in school. I know we didn’t. I wish we had.