I took a long look at the bookshelf.

It needed attention.

I’ve been rooting through, emptying each shelf, culling, rearranging, and remembering how much I loved some of these books. It’s making me happy. None of these are new, but it’s not always about new books, is it.

I started wanting to talk about favorites.

I laughed until I cried. I paused and closed the book to laugh and cry. I read parts out loud to someone else, who did not laugh at all. Apparently some people would not like this book. I did like it very much. I’ve read it twice so far.

Barbara Pym. She’s so funny, and kind of stabs you in the heart, too. I have a bunch of her stuff, and particularly like this one.

If you like gardening, Beverley Nichols is great. Very entertaining, and does very well communicating the sort of mental wildness that takes over when you begin to plant things in earnest. He has books about home renovation, as well. I only have one other of his books, but I wish I had them all.

That’s enough for now. I’ll be back with more.