This was recommended to me for its descriptions of ancient liturgical practices. It’s fascinating, and it gets bonus points from me for the guide monk’s apparent freestyling with regard to geographic location of biblical events. Inconveniently located? It happened here, now. Mmm hmm, this is the same rock. Definitely. No trouble at all, ma’am.

What a delight.

It’s hard to be succinct about this one. It was a paradigm-shifter for me, and what first showed me that I am not the conservative, non-denominational (coughBaptistcough)(IT’S NOT COVID) evangelical I was raised.

Okay, there, I guess it wasn’t that hard. It’s just…I LEFT OUT A BUNCH!

Deep breaths. Moving on.

Too salacious to exclude. Tired of reading about one particular family’s foray into politics, but you still crave scandal? This is your book, have some Justinian and Theodora. You are going to recognize people.

That’s all for now. I’ll leave you with brief video of what I’m dealing with as I diligently endeavor to make sense of things here.

I’ll be back with more.