I was going to post another of my projects, but my plans changed when, at 1 a.m., I learned I had the opportunity to be vaccinated against Covid today. Obviously, I jumped at the chance.

Did I have to drive 5 hours to do it? Yes. Did I have to eat an uncharacteristically vile egg and cheese sandwich during my adventure?Also yes, and I can’t drop it, my mind won’t permit. I don’t understand how it got so gross. I keep wondering what misguided yet, clearly, unique method of handling eggs yielded such a result. WHAT HAPPENED? TO MY EGG?

Anyway, the final question is, was it worth it? Yes, yes, absolutely yes. I am still in disbelief I’m vaccinated, and I am so, so happy.

I thought it would make sense to post something about what I was listening to, reading, and making, but I am rereading a book I’ve already talked about, and only thinking about making something right now. I am in reorganization mode at the moment. So, snapshots.

Listening. I thought, oh, how about a very simple manicure and some music? I got through both, fell face-first onto the table I was sitting at, and slept for…an hour? An hour and a half? That’s my state right now: constantly ready to fall face-first into something (last week, it was the computer keyboard) and sleep for too long. I think…I think the pandemic is getting to me. Here’s the music, I like it:

I woke up and pulled myself together long enough to enjoy a couple hours in the fresh air. By the end, it was storming, which I enjoyed. I made a friend:

He’s nice

And I will leave you with a photo of myself, waiting in line for my vaccine.

I am now a fully vaccinated person! And, I assume, am off to feel like hot garbage for a couple days. WORTH IT. I’ll be back when I don’t.