Covid vaccine update 1: next day

I have to say, I don’t feel like hot garbage? Yet?

Delighted, absolutely thrilled, to learn this morning that distribution of the vaccine I received (Johnson & Johnson) is being paused because a few women developed a blood clotting problem.

One tiny part of me started quietly wondering if this is how I’ll check out and/or rack up gazillions of dollars of medical bills for my family.

The rest of me knows I will almost certainly be fine, and, despite the bad results for a few people, I indulge in much riskier behavior regularly, including, until yesterday, being completely vulnerable to Covid-19.

More likely than not, I’ll forget about the issue as soon as I finish writing this.

Let’s talk about brain fog!

I’m pretty sure I have a little. A soupçon of brain fog. Enough to amuse, but not debilitate.

The injection site is only a bit sore, barely noticeable.

A strange headache. I prefer it to my usual headache. It’s gentle, and dull, my eyes are a little sore, too, but it feels like part of the whole headache, not enough to be an extra thing to mention, despite the fact I just mentioned it. I mean, if I wasn’t sitting here taking inventory, I would barely notice the soreness. I don’t feel a need to take medication to alleviate this symptom, which is saying a lot, because usually I medicate a headache without thinking twice.

The most noticeable side effect is muscle-related. I wouldn’t describe it as pain, it’s more of a strange heaviness, as if I have a ten-pound weight attached to every muscle. If you’ve ever experienced any sort of nerve damage, you may be familiar with this sensation. Again, it’s really not a problem, so far.

That’s all for now. Not bad, right?