Covid vaccine update 2: approximately 48 hours later

Since I last checked in, things got mildly worse, and are now much better.

By yesterday evening, the heaviness in my muscles became proper aches. My body is very predictable, and when I have a viral illness, I always ache in the same spots, and that’s exactly where aching showed up from the vaccine. It wasn’t terrible, but I had an essential errand to run, and the prospect of sitting in the car with the aching seemed like exactly the kind of unpleasantness I could avoid with the help of some drugs, so why not? If I wasn’t going to sit in the car, I’m not sure I would have bothered with medication.

Yesterday, I only did half the amount of exercise I usually do, and I was sluggish about it. I gave myself a pass. Still, I think the fact I was able to get out and move indicates side effects were mild.

My brain got foggier as the day progressed. I was pretty silly by dinner time. For instance, preoccupied by how much the cats were enjoying my choice of music, while forgetting something was on the stove, or that I hadn’t eaten yet. I actually forgot to eat for most of the day. People who live with me would say that’s a normal day, but it was definitely beyond normal, even for me. By bed time I was not capable of carrying on a conversation.

Also, my skin and hair felt uncomfortable.

So, basic virus stuff, overall.

Today I feel normal! I think? Mostly normal, at least. I am still a little achy, but I can’t tell if it’s because I was doing some more strenuous activity recently, or if it’s a side effect, which is to say that all of this is really no big deal.

This will be the final vaccine update unless something unexpectedly interesting happens.

I hope, if you’re not vaccinated yet, you will soon have the opportunity!