Tea Leaves Cardigan

My version of the Tea Leaves Cardigan, pattern by Melissa LaBarre. This is another old project.

It’s also another pattern that got a lot of attention when it was released. Rightly so, I think. One of the samples was knit out of Madelinetosh Tosh Merino, if I remember correctly. It’s this single-ply merino wool in worsted weight, so it has a soft-focus quality, and the colorway used in the sample was gorgeous. It was catnip to knitters, and it seemed like nearly everyone who posted on the knitting forum I used to frequent was making one. It’s really fun when everyone is excited about something.

I didn’t buy The Color, or even The Yarn. I was too late for that, being a person who contemplates projects for a long time before deciding what I want to do.

I used, instead, Madelinetosh Vintage in a shade called Fig. I love this color. I did my best to capture it on camera, but I still think it’s better in person.

The pattern is easy and fun. My gauge was off, so my sweater turned out a little larger than I intended. I don’t think it’s too large, though, just cozy. It’s very warm.

Below, you can see the edge of the sleeve. Mine kind of bell out a little, which I don’t mind.

Also, on this project I learned about doing a row or two of single crochet around the neckline if it’s stretching too much when you wear it. That helped it fit better.

Looking at it now, I wish we would have just a little longer with chilly weather so I could wear it more.