Little lights

Continuing with older projects…

The year we got our cats, our first pets (!), I realized our previous Christmas decorating plan wasn’t going to work at all. I think this kind of realization happens or doesn’t happen depending on what sort of cat you get. We got this kind:

This is her, in the garbage, proving a point.
Vibrating. Somehow.

The other two cats are mellow, but she has a lot of points to prove, and I felt sure at least one would be about the Christmas tree. It was.

Even though I have a take it or leave it (mostly leave it) attitude toward Christmas trees as a concept, if I have the opportunity to cover something in delicate glass objects and the odd inappropriately placed, worrying, actual candle (because worryingly-placed candles make me laugh) I will rethink my position. So, I had a tree covered in glass: birds, pine cones, icicles, that kind of thing. Plus the odd candle.

Very chewable, very breakable.

Guess who has a tree covered in paper ornaments now?

I did some paper cranes, some small puffy origami stars, and these:

Based on others’ reactions to my tiny lanterns, you love them or hate them. I love them.

They’re great if you have a cat hell bent on eating only what will kill her, if you have a small child who behaves similarly, if you have an adult who clumsily knocks the tree over periodically, or if you just like them.

I made them by folding origami water bombs from plain, off-white paper. After they were folded, I drew pictures on them with a black pen. So simple.

Black with off-white/ecru/similar shades is my favorite color combination. I find it quiet and peaceful. I use it a lot, alone or with another color or two thrown in. For Christmas, I add dark green and brown, mostly from evergreens, and maybe a little gold leaf here and there. I like it to look natural.

Okay, here’s how to fold the water bombs:

The little hole at the top of the folded water bomb is where you stick it on the Christmas light, just poke the light right in there, and you’re done.

There’s so much potential here, and I know I saw a kit for sale with patterned paper to use for the water bombs. Alternatively, you could do silhouettes, either drawn with pen, or punched out of dark paper with one of those paper punches that does fancy shapes. You could use a pin to poke constellations into the paper, or maybe glitter the inside of the water bomb and punch tiny holes so the light would be extra bright and shiny. You could do letters to spell out names or words. I meant to try some of these ideas last Christmas, but I found myself not quite in the mood for a bunch of extra work. Some years are like that, what can you do? I think we all had enough going on; I know crafts were at the bottom of my list. Spring and summer are sometimes a better time to get stuff ready for the holidays, anyway.

So! That’s my tree now. It’s relaxing to look at, and I like it. I don’t even miss my old ornaments. Well, except for my collection of slightly off-putting ones, but that’s something for a different day.