Atelier Nani Iro Dress O

I plan to disassemble this one. It’s not working for me. However, I’ve held off because I like looking at it, which prompted me to take a photo before I do the deed:

This dress illustrates some of the skills I need to improve, such as making gathers, using interfacing when I’m supposed to rather than stubbornly refusing for no reason, and choosing a pattern which is not a sack.

I would describe this as ‘large sack,’ if we’re keeping track of sack varietals, which I think we should,considering the current proliferation of sacks.

The pattern came from this book:

Here it is, in a couple versions, on models:

Of course, the fabric I chose was not the right fabric for this dress, but I was trying to get only a rough idea of how it would look in real life. It wasn’t meant to be the final version. Since I made it, I’ve decided I’m not in love with this shape at the moment, so I’m not going to try it in a better fabric.

I love the model in it, though. Isn’t she so pretty?