Happy birthday to me!

It was today! It was good!

I got to take a small break from some of my work, and eat what I wanted, and do the kinds of shopping that I like to do, and none of the kinds I don’t like to do. I got to take a walk, and chat with my friend, and later I had treats with candles to blow out.

I made a tart with a cookie crust. The pastry cream is flavored with vanilla, a tiny hint of rose, and a splash of Cointreau. Raspberries on top. Rob got me a Carvel ice cream cake. It’s an annual treat that makes me laugh and which I find irresistible.

I’m older now.

Here I am, being pretty much my current age, although ever-so-slightly less old than I am now. It’s from a couple weeks ago, you see, when I got my new phone and was playing with the camera and it’s the closest thing I have to Birthday Shin Ae, because I didn’t take photos today. I also didn’t go on a walk in the woods, which feels like something that should have happened, but here’s the thing: I can do that tomorrow.

I hope you had a good my birthday, too.