Kochi Jacket

It’s my first try at this sewing pattern. I have mixed feelings.

In the con column: in this fabric it’s not a very versatile garment, because I semi-hate it.

In the pro column: I think I may like the pattern itself.

I have found one (1) outfit I can wear this with that feels like Something I Would Wear ™️, and, in fact, I have worn it and I think it was fine. It helps that the fabric, while not being a print I find myself wanting to be draped in, reminds me of an album cover which amuses me.

It really is a stretch.

So, why did you have that fabric in the first place, Shin Ae? Good question. I don’t have an answer to that one.

Anyway, I like the pattern enough to try it again, and I’m in the process of doing just that. I disassembled a dress and am using that fabric, because the dress, it was…perhaps you know what I will say…

a sack.