It’s difficult for me to get motivated to work in the yard before July. I can’t explain why this is so. Is it a secret I keep, even from myself, that I like the stifling heat and humidity? The surprisingly territorial green scarab-like creatures flying at my head? The possibility of snakes? This seems unlikely, but how else can I explain it?

I am working in the kitchen, trying to motivate myself to deal with the chaos outdoors, and, speaking of snakes, there’s one in the herb garden (not a euphemism).

Two old photos from my old camera. I need to remember I can produce something besides snakes. These are little bits I pulled from my tiny vegetable bed (truly tiny, about 2.5 feet square) a couple years ago.

Ronde de Nice squash, herbs (sage and mint), Meraviglia di Venezia beans.

More Ronde de Nice, some Dragon’s Egg cucumbers which are wonderfully prolific, and a little snip from the Magnolia Blossom Tendril peas. I couldn’t believe how late they kept going.

I need to expand the bed this year. The snakes are going to be angry.

Maybe lunch first.

Update: Ha! It has started to rain.