It’s graduation season. I came across these old photos over the pandemic winter.

Small me, graduating from kindergarten.

Here I am playing the zither. For graduation, I played Brahms’ Lullaby, because I went to a Montessori school, and that is the sort of thing one does there.

Graduation from eighth grade. This dress, it’s just too much.

Oddly, I can’t find a photo from my high school graduation, although I know they exist somewhere. This is my senior portrait. I was actually outside, which seems so Olden Times.

University graduation, with Confused Weasel face. I’m surprised I don’t have it in more of these photos.

Okay, here are three non-graduation photos I’m including because they make me laugh:

You might imagine I’m the adorable child on the right doing things like clapping, smiling, and noticing the photographer, but you would be wrong. I am the child on the left, seemingly having her soul sucked out of her body. It’s a trick of the camera, but I think it’s hilarious and fitting.

Me and my small brother, who managed to grow quite large in the end. This is the one (1) moment we weren’t bickering.

My childhood fashion icon image, right here. Ha!