Merchant and Mills, The Dress Shirt

I made this one in Nani Iro cotton, and I can’t remember if it was sold as lawn or gauze. I think it feels like lawn.

It’s a garment which is long enough to actually be used as a dress, and I’ve worn it as both, depending on the season. Actually, I’ve made seven of these I can remember off the top of my head, in different fabrics, of course.

Have a look at the pattern on different body shapes before you try it. It is not the most flattering on my body shape, and I think it is the rare person who could wear this and look like they’re living their best life. I wore mine when I was living my second-worst life, so it worked for me.

If you love the look of the fit on your body type, or if you just love the shirt anyway for your own reasons which are nobody’s damned business, enjoy! It’s not hard to sew, it comes together really quickly, and it looks like a thoughtfully designed garment when you’ve finished. People will possibly even compliment you and be surprised you made it yourself, which is always gratifying, isn’t it? Even if, at the time they’re complimenting you, you involuntarily break eye contact and mumble something self-deprecating, it feels good later. Yeah? Yeah.