Tries Three, Four, and Five

I’m still working out how to use a little moka coffee maker. There have been plenty of opportunities for tweaks, which is what you want when you are trying to change something for the better. I tried three other changes in the process over the past two days.

Third try: Increase of heat from heat source. I used cold water and turned the burner heat to medium, rather than medium-low. I had coffee in about 15 minutes, which wasn’t bad compared to the hour it had taken on my second try at medium-low. The flavor of the coffee did not suffer from the increased heat.

Fourth try: Pre-heated water to 192 degrees F. It occurred to me an easy way to pre-heat the water (a recommendation from a couple online sources) was to simply pull it from the Keurig machine. In my home, the Keurig functions as an electric kettle, but more expensive and with a larger footprint on the countertop, hooray. A notable moment from fourth try was when I hadn’t thought for one second about how much water I’d need and hopped from one foot to the other as the Keurig chugged and puffed in its good-natured way, earnestly filling the moka pot’s chamber with scalding hot water, then flooded the countertop. The other notable moment was when I got coffee in about five minutes, a new record.

Fifth try: Pre-heated water to 192 degrees F, but without flooding the countertop. This time I opted for the smallest cup setting on the Keurig, which was almost perfect. Once again, coffee in about five minutes. I am starting to imagine I might be able to make a reasonable cup of coffee with this thing. The flavor of the coffee produced by tries four and five motivates me to do my next try with pre-heated water which is not quite so hot. The recommendation was about 158 degrees F, and 192 F is considerably warmer, so even though it’s less convenient to pre-heat water on the stovetop rather than push a button on the Keurig, I’m going to try the cooler temp and see if the coffee will have a smoother flavor.