When I got this year’s planner, I saw it had pages to write 100 things. ‘My 100,’ it said. Oh, how annoying. Who has the kind of time and mental bandwidth left over to…MY 100. COME ON. I’m supposed to have a 100, now?

I exhausted myself outside doing yard work today. My brain was (and is) mush. This allowed me to imagine being a person who set small, fun challenges for herself, challenges which were not directly related to critical goals, which might just add to quality of life. Is it possible this could also be important in its way?

It is possible.

I want to eat 100 different kinds of cheese this year. They don’t have to be cheeses I’ve never tried before, but they do have to be different from one another. Since I haven’t tried a hundred kinds, ever, this means I’ve got to try a bunch of new things in order to get to 100.

It’s August and I’ve only had 23, which means I have to try 3.5 per week, and it’s going to be fun, and I really have to hurry! Can I do it? I think yes.