The naked ladies are in bloom again! I always forget they’re here until giant pink flowers show up in the yard.

Just a humble, rural yard. With chicken wire.

This is the kind of thing I would never choose in a million years, for I am a boring gardener. Exhibit A is my fall bulb order, in progress.

sigh 🤍

But the naked ladies happened unexpectedly. One scorching afternoon, the mail lady rolled up with a heap of them drooping from the back of her truck. A neighbor gave them to her, would I take some, there were just so many. Yes, I would take some, what are they? I don’t know, she said. Okay! I planted them immediately and forgot all about it.

I was horrified and delighted when these emerged, as I have been each year since. They are just so…meaty in person. And big. And whoa pink. And blue, somehow? The blue thrills me. I absolutely love them.

oh my

Since the flowers went in the ground, Rose of Sharon shrubs (pictured in the background) marched across the back fence and have stayed. I don’t know where they came from, but there are a lot of them. (Please ignore the cicada-damaged leaves which are constantly falling everywhere.)

So, the backyard unintentionally got very pink. I’m still sold on my boring, very beautiful, white-flowering bulb order for the front yard, though.

And, oh! an update: the snake left the herb garden on its own! I was so excited about that. Now I’m in the process of fixing it so it’s perhaps less snake-friendly in the future, fingers crossed. It does still have bunnies (adorable) and poison ivy (not adorable)(just a little on the edges)(I hope). I’ve neglected it a little.