ShinAe Can’t Get Over a Thing, episode, um, 7 ish?: sack time at target, Laura ingalls wilder version

Let’s see if Target has gotten some new, non-sack clothes for fall! It’ll be fun!

Me, a reference. I’m wearing uniform.

uniform. it’s a jacket, cami top, and jeans.

Uniform is easy and fun and a reasonable thing to wear. It is what I wear a version of on most days because it makes sense. Okay, let’s check in with Target:

it is for a prairie funeral, perhaps someone has died of malaria or the consumption
I feel the photo did not capture the full Little House/sack nature of this dress, please trust

Why is this happening? Who are these clothes for? Are people flouncing around the workplace like this?

I felt vindicated when I was in the fitting room and I overheard a woman who was trying on clothes saying, “I feel like I should be in…church.”

Which, you know, church is a good place to be (NOT DURING COVID THOUGH. STOP IT), but speaking as a full-on church lady, good GRIEF, this stuff is kind of extra even for church.

Anyway. Let’s see if at least there are cute jammies. I might visit a friend sometime this year (maybe possibly if the Covid permits) and these are the kind of things you nee—