Cheese Update!

Four cheeses this week, numbers 33-36.

Madrigal French baby Swiss. Is this a cheat? I already had baby Swiss on the list, but it wasn’t French baby Swiss, and I feel these distinctions will need to be made before all is said and done. My inclination is to think it makes sense to differentiate not just by style, but by provenance, but I don’t know much about this topic, so I could be cheating. Maybe someone will let me know, or will you all quietly endure my possibly shady ways with cheese counting? Your call. Unless I discover the answer for myself in my Internet travels, of course.

This was a yummy Gouda, loved hims.

Ah, a friendly Havarti. So easy to be with. I’m thinking of using this as an American cheese substitute more often please stop sneering—American cheese is delicious and useful as creamy salt, and I will die on this hill.

BUT. Havarti has great flavor, as well as that lovely texture, and also is not made of trash. I feel like I want to investigate meltability. Is it as user-friendly as American? I usually just…eat the cheese. It’s rare I’m melting or cooking it. So, we’ll see.

Oh, this little guy. Lol 2.82 wee tiny ounces of cheese, that is almost no cheese at all, you might say. I assure you this is plenty, for it is powerful and enduring, at least by my standards. You’ll notice from the rest of the list so far that I am a very basic cheese eater and could use some education, and this was a good start. It challenged my palate without being a horror. Just a nice, low-key, “Well, how about this?”