Cheese Update!

Only three this week, numbers 37-39. I had four to eat, but didn’t get to the Stilton. Next week. Not to worry, we are still on schedule. I hope.

Another of those soft cheese with, in my opinion, big flavor. I suspect I’m not a stinky cheese person if I encounter this, what is probably a mild cheese, and am like, whoa. So, okay! Now we know. I’ll still try stronger cheeses though, just to see. I’m just saying, you’re going to hear about it.

Anyway, this cheese is basically a puddle held in shape by a plastic exoskeleton. The flavor is stronger than that of Brie.

Oniony. Cheese. Good.

Good flavor, but the processed flavor made me not enjoy eating it plain. I’d get it again to use for mac and cheese, but I think that’s all, really.*

*That didn’t make sense, did it? What I meant was I liked the green goddess flavor but the cheese itself was meh.

Last week was a real bear, and this week is, too. The blog suffers. I apologize.