Current status of my hair, which I just got trimmed. It has taken an entire pandemic to get so long.

I never use a hair dryer, so I’m not used to it being straight, or poofy in a non-triangle way. I look like a different person! Sort of!

My phone takes these live photos, and I was told it’s weird to post them like that. The thing is, I am a little weird. How was I ever expected to not do this?

Please enjoy three seconds of me being awkward, thank you iPhone.

A proper fairy ring has emerged in my neighborhood. This isn’t the first time and it won’t be the last. How am I supposed to not get in it?

How do you look at this and not get in

Another specimen from the same property. I stopped to stare at it.

It’s perfect

I made some little chain rings today and they’re giving me life. I can pick and mix them, and stack them or wear them singly. They’re so fun. It’s the little things. (I included my bracelet as a size reference.)

I got compliments on my outfit (!) which included, okay, all the rings, at the hair place and couldn’t even talk because I was squealing incoherently with delight. So yeah, reentry is going normally, just playing it super cool over here as usual.

Now I’m going cheese shopping. Wish me luck.