Out in the Ida

Oh but I had to ship a very important stack of papers. Unavoidable.

I have driven through one (1) entire tornado watch, one (1) flood watch, and one (1) flash flood warning, and those flood things were two different things. Don’t confuse them! They are different. But they’re both very wet, that’s what they have in common!

I have that in common, now, too.

I don’t know if I can get home 😐

And I am worried about my basement 😩

Update: made it home, just got called to pick someone up. There is now a tornado warning, the watch having been not quite enough for this day which is so very extra.

Update 2: yep, yep, yep, everything is flooding, roads are washing out, pretty soon no one’s going anywhere. Oh, Ida.

Update 3: son left early from work to escape flooding and just barely made it home. So dramatic!