Cheese Update!

Cheeses numbered 40 and 41, and I hope (fingers crossed!) to have 42 and 43 tomorrow.

Raclette. Everyone approached this meal with reluctance, because I don’t think they liked the smell of it, but the food disappeared quickly and I didn’t hear complaints. I’m aware this isn’t the most appetizing-looking photo, and, yet, it’s the photo I have, so here goes:

I did small potatoes, cornichons, and I made pickled onions. Whoops, forgot the meat. However, I also made a pizza-sort of thing in imitation of one I like to get at Elizabeth’s. It has fig jam, blue cheese, and prosciutto. Normally this would have been two separate meals, but I really need to use stuff while it was fresh, so a single meal it was.

I used this recipe for pickled onions. It’s my standard. It’s quick and easy and good. It’s an old Martha recipe:

This cheese is the first I’ve ever eaten and just thought, “This is a beautiful cheese.” The texture is light and somehow pretty, the goats milk flavor is mild but still present, and there’s exactly the right amount of lavender. I ate it with fruit, but it would make a lovely dinner. If I was serving it for dinner I’d put it with some endive leaves dressed simply, probably only with a fruity olive oil and coarse salt. Marcona almonds and a carpaccio of yellow summer squash in the style of Alain Passard would be so nice, too. Mmm.