Something I’m working on

I think I may? use it to accompany some other things I’m working on. I’m at the point of worrying this is someone else’s thing I saw somewhere, didn’t register that I saw, then ripped it off. It’s my constant fear with everything I do, alongside the fear of being inept.

So, I know of at least one series of books which tell the story of nature run amok and an accompanying religion, but the tone is very different and this isn’t a book and it’s not the same story at all? I think it’s okay? Also, isn’t that just humans? They make a religion around whatever? But still I worry I’ll come too close to someone else’s work I don’t know about. But then how many available dystopias are there on our planet? Perhaps I’m wrong, but I feel Earth is somewhat limiting in that way.

It’s about climate change, and it still needs work.

I walked last night in lightning: melodrama and prophecy

Where this is heading is the birth of the massive, never-ending storm we’ll call El Monstruo. Alongside him will arrive a new religion. The religion will do dark things in darkness.

El Monstruo will speak mysteries with the voice of the wind, and with the tongues of angels. The religion will teach mysteries to an Earth sparsely populated, more sparsely by the day. All will learn to eat, dress, and speak in order to appease El Monstruo.

El Monstruo won’t be appeased. The mysteries he tells are elaborate, beautiful, and sung in an unknown language. Sometimes they’re one repeated phrase and sometimes they go on for weeks, but there is always one idea in common, which is his anger at man’s efforts to harness electricity.

But El Monstruo’s cult prides itself on the ability to harness electricity, an impressive skill, especially since not much else remains harnessed at all, certainly not horses, or dogs, or even the women, anymore.

The cult won’t know the storm’s language, and will not decode the mysteries. They will opt instead to measure success by numbers: how many submit to their authority? Many. They will be very successful.

It will prove to be a catastrophic set of circumstances.

El Monstruo will only increase in rage and power. He will outlive every thing, everything, his last laugh illuminating the places we called our own, our beloved places, our beloved, extinct compulsion to possess.