Sleepy Saturday

Some fun food stuff happened to me this week.

My son brought me rose petal confit from a trip he took. I was so excited. I know this brand already, but didn’t realize they did a rose, well, anything. It is so good. I had it on rice pudding.

Next, I saw this yogurt when I went on the cheese run this week ( cheese update tomorrow). I snatched it from the shelf with unseemly quickness, and, let’s face it, it was me, so I probably shrieked. I don’t register when I do stuff like that and am told after the fact, but I happened to be alone, but I assume a shriek, which was justified. The yogurt was very good and not weird!

Finally, my son made this dinner last night. Can you even? Who is this person. It was wonderful. Please pardon the messy background, although note the jar of salad dressing he made, as well. He’s wonderful. And leaving home. Imminently. Like, next week? Week after? One of those. It feels really good and right but kind of bittersweet.

(I haven’t talked about where he’s going, but it’s exciting. Maybe a different time.)

Well, pulling up these photos reminds me I forgot about eating today. It’s time for that and an exciting thing is I think there’s wine left. It’s all coming up Shin Ae.

cue another drinking on an empty stomach episode. THIS IS HOW IT HAPPENS.