Cheese Update!

It’s time! I have three for today, numbers 48-50.

Maasdam. It was very creamy and almost had a processed cheese kind of texture, which didn’t make me feel excited. The taste was sort of tangy and reminded me of American cheese, also. I’m looking at info online about it and I am confused about what I ate.

Chimay a la biere. Interesting and extremely Real Cheese, a term I use in my mind but won’t be able to define today due to headache and sloth. I’ll come back to it, I promise. I do think though that if you taste Real Cheese you know it. It tastes like a gourmet shop from the 1990s felt.

Moody Blue. I love it. Super creamy texture and the flavor is unique. It’s blue cheesy but also vaguely meaty or something, in a great way. I’m seeing on their website that it’s smoked, so that makes sense. I didn’t feel I tasted smoke though, just greatness.

Here is a little bit of news that sucks: my sons and I have had our first extremely confined and 100% verified Covid exposure. Now we’re waiting to see if we get sick. It was on Thursday, so would I be sick already? I don’t even know anymore. One thing I know is I will either be very sick, or not, and I have no control over that now.

I’m using my quarantine time to take to my bed, and also my best girlfriend’s birthday is today and we have a phone date planned, so that’s fun 🎉.