Quality time

Spending it with these babies this weekend.

They’re little trees. 2450 of them. It’s a hardwood buffer planting in its infancy, and will be a home for inland birds and insects and other animals, and provide food for all of them. Really nice, high-quality food. It’ll also provide important filtration of water before it reaches the Great Bohemia Creek, which is riiiiight there to the right of the photo.

I and my coworkers have to keep the trees upright in their protective tubes for, well, years.

I’m so darned proud of this planting. I didn’t do it, but I feel privileged to help maintain it, as long as the grass isn’t up to my chest, ha. We just got done a lengthy no-mow period, because of fawn season and some other (carefully planned) reasons, and checking tree tubes was bonkers.

But now? It’s the greatest, actually.

Soundtrack: https://youtu.be/gF8fnsyjCoI Not surprising, right?

Can’t wait to get out there today.