Seven Tubs
Seven Tubs
Seven Tubs
Seven Tubs?
Seven Tubs
“Brunch.” It was just this. Oh, also potato chips, and it was exquisite.

Hawk Mountain’s beautiful native habitat garden. Tranquil. Inspiring.

I wanted to visit the Pinnacle, but by the time I got there, I didn’t have time to do about 10.5 miles before nightfall.

I’ll try again. Still, I got my boots on here, just a little bit.

As a treat.

We came back: exhausted, sore, covered in bruises, sunburned in hilarious patterns, and Small Craft Safety certified. I feel proud about it.

I’m glad to be home at my sweet park. I loved the other one, but I missed it here.

The people who have lived here know there’s magic.

The people who haven’t lived here figure it out.

The woods have my heart, but now the water calls me, too.

Work trip

I’m here for training, right on the bay. It’s lovely.

My sunset
Can totally get into a canoe from the water now. Among other things.


Please be advised I have not forgotten the 100 cheeses. Due to unforeseen circumstances the project was interrupted, but will be resumed at the earliest opportunity.

It will not be the same cheese project, exactly, because the object was to eat 100 cheeses in 2021. Still, 100 cheeses will be eaten. It must be so.

Me and my son. Mother’s Day. Checking out some tulip poplar.