There’s a crayfish in there.
Garlicky, bitter, and very green.
One of the best smells (but invasive)
The little roots taste like cucumbers, but starchy.

(Please don’t eat woods things! I was accompanied by a very knowledgeable and experienced professional for this walk.)

Birthday boots. I love them.

I live my life in boots now, which is a nice thing. These are my day off boots. I’ve done a day outside in the rain as well as a couple hours on trails. They look like I just took them out of the box.

Since I took these photos in the woods, I dropped my phone and broke the camera. Now I can only take photos using the camera facing me. I’m trying to learn how to take non-selfie photos that way. It makes me laugh.

I tried
Getting ready for work. Ha.

You weren’t supposed to take things from here, but she had. Well, not exactly, but close enough.

Was it possible she could have done anything else? She had never been sure, and now, having spent time in seven constellations, she wondered even more if it had all been inevitable.

She had learned a lot.

She shifted, felt again the mass of this, her heavenly body, both punishment and prize, a constant reminder that you are what you eat. She had eaten magic, and now she was magic. Also, alone. Not alone.

Alone tonight.

Oh, my heart

I love spring.

Mmmm. Wizened.

There is a bridge in our county which I have been too frightened to drive over for nearly twenty years. Terror of the bridge caused me even to close my eyes when someone else drove me over it. Ultimately I began avoiding the bridge altogether, and all the places on the other side of the bridge.

Obviously my new job will take me to the other side of the bridge. As a metaphor, it is obnoxiously on the nose.

This evening I took a walk in the woods, then got in my car and drove over the bridge.

You will be unsurprised to learn it was smaller than I remembered.

Today was my big day off after a 13-day work “week”. Celebration treat, please don’t tell the Internet.

I love them 🧡🧡🧡 shhhh

A tiny pebble, grey and perfectly round in her hand. It was a beautiful thing she found.

The same walk as always. Almost always. Sometimes she changed, but mostly it was this walk because she couldn’t resist seeing what was different on the path. There was always something different. New ferns, or wildflowers, and sometimes they were strange and interesting. A bees’ nest. Once in a while, people rearranged the path, or the rocks over the water. She needed to see.

The pebble went unnoticed until she kicked it. It tumbled into the water, that little bit of water that sometimes was a wider pool of muck. The stones to cross over it were neat, someone had fixed them, and the pebble landed near the crossing and glowed. It glowed through the water in a way it hadn’t done before. She stared.

You weren’t supposed to take things from here.

First walk in my first proper pair of hiking boots! Suddenly everything is much less slippery.

Little bits of green:

I love moss

The light wasn’t really that warm, but that’s what my memory does when everything felt good.