But, you know…

That was a very self-centered response to others’ misfortune, wasn’t it, on my part? About the blood clotting issue? I’m thinking it over now, and it’s such an awful thing to have happen, and I immediately thought of…myself. I mean. Ugh.

What if that was me, and my major, life-altering problem received such a response from someone else? I don’t know how I’d feel, but I think I know I’d wish someone actually thought of me for a little, rather than only themselves.

I think there are less-selfish reasons to hear that news and be instantly horrified for self, at least in part because one does grasp that the situation is horrifying and definitely not one you’d want to be in. What I think is the real problem is losing sight of the real people involved, which I did.

Covid vaccine update 2: approximately 48 hours later

Since I last checked in, things got mildly worse, and are now much better.

By yesterday evening, the heaviness in my muscles became proper aches. My body is very predictable, and when I have a viral illness, I always ache in the same spots, and that’s exactly where aching showed up from the vaccine. It wasn’t terrible, but I had an essential errand to run, and the prospect of sitting in the car with the aching seemed like exactly the kind of unpleasantness I could avoid with the help of some drugs, so why not? If I wasn’t going to sit in the car, I’m not sure I would have bothered with medication.

Yesterday, I only did half the amount of exercise I usually do, and I was sluggish about it. I gave myself a pass. Still, I think the fact I was able to get out and move indicates side effects were mild.

My brain got foggier as the day progressed. I was pretty silly by dinner time. For instance, preoccupied by how much the cats were enjoying my choice of music, while forgetting something was on the stove, or that I hadn’t eaten yet. I actually forgot to eat for most of the day. People who live with me would say that’s a normal day, but it was definitely beyond normal, even for me. By bed time I was not capable of carrying on a conversation.

Also, my skin and hair felt uncomfortable.

So, basic virus stuff, overall.

Today I feel normal! I think? Mostly normal, at least. I am still a little achy, but I can’t tell if it’s because I was doing some more strenuous activity recently, or if it’s a side effect, which is to say that all of this is really no big deal.

This will be the final vaccine update unless something unexpectedly interesting happens.

I hope, if you’re not vaccinated yet, you will soon have the opportunity!

Covid vaccine update 1: next day

I have to say, I don’t feel like hot garbage? Yet?

Delighted, absolutely thrilled, to learn this morning that distribution of the vaccine I received (Johnson & Johnson) is being paused because a few women developed a blood clotting problem.

One tiny part of me started quietly wondering if this is how I’ll check out and/or rack up gazillions of dollars of medical bills for my family.

The rest of me knows I will almost certainly be fine, and, despite the bad results for a few people, I indulge in much riskier behavior regularly, including, until yesterday, being completely vulnerable to Covid-19.

More likely than not, I’ll forget about the issue as soon as I finish writing this.

Let’s talk about brain fog!

I’m pretty sure I have a little. A soupçon of brain fog. Enough to amuse, but not debilitate.

The injection site is only a bit sore, barely noticeable.

A strange headache. I prefer it to my usual headache. It’s gentle, and dull, my eyes are a little sore, too, but it feels like part of the whole headache, not enough to be an extra thing to mention, despite the fact I just mentioned it. I mean, if I wasn’t sitting here taking inventory, I would barely notice the soreness. I don’t feel a need to take medication to alleviate this symptom, which is saying a lot, because usually I medicate a headache without thinking twice.

The most noticeable side effect is muscle-related. I wouldn’t describe it as pain, it’s more of a strange heaviness, as if I have a ten-pound weight attached to every muscle. If you’ve ever experienced any sort of nerve damage, you may be familiar with this sensation. Again, it’s really not a problem, so far.

That’s all for now. Not bad, right?