Cheese Update!

It’s time! I have three for today, numbers 48-50.

Maasdam. It was very creamy and almost had a processed cheese kind of texture, which didn’t make me feel excited. The taste was sort of tangy and reminded me of American cheese, also. I’m looking at info online about it and I am confused about what I ate.

Chimay a la biere. Interesting and extremely Real Cheese, a term I use in my mind but won’t be able to define today due to headache and sloth. I’ll come back to it, I promise. I do think though that if you taste Real Cheese you know it. It tastes like a gourmet shop from the 1990s felt.

Moody Blue. I love it. Super creamy texture and the flavor is unique. It’s blue cheesy but also vaguely meaty or something, in a great way. I’m seeing on their website that it’s smoked, so that makes sense. I didn’t feel I tasted smoke though, just greatness.

Here is a little bit of news that sucks: my sons and I have had our first extremely confined and 100% verified Covid exposure. Now we’re waiting to see if we get sick. It was on Thursday, so would I be sick already? I don’t even know anymore. One thing I know is I will either be very sick, or not, and I have no control over that now.

I’m using my quarantine time to take to my bed, and also my best girlfriend’s birthday is today and we have a phone date planned, so that’s fun 🎉.

Sleepy Saturday

Some fun food stuff happened to me this week.

My son brought me rose petal confit from a trip he took. I was so excited. I know this brand already, but didn’t realize they did a rose, well, anything. It is so good. I had it on rice pudding.

Next, I saw this yogurt when I went on the cheese run this week ( cheese update tomorrow). I snatched it from the shelf with unseemly quickness, and, let’s face it, it was me, so I probably shrieked. I don’t register when I do stuff like that and am told after the fact, but I happened to be alone, but I assume a shriek, which was justified. The yogurt was very good and not weird!

Finally, my son made this dinner last night. Can you even? Who is this person. It was wonderful. Please pardon the messy background, although note the jar of salad dressing he made, as well. He’s wonderful. And leaving home. Imminently. Like, next week? Week after? One of those. It feels really good and right but kind of bittersweet.

(I haven’t talked about where he’s going, but it’s exciting. Maybe a different time.)

Well, pulling up these photos reminds me I forgot about eating today. It’s time for that and an exciting thing is I think there’s wine left. It’s all coming up Shin Ae.

cue another drinking on an empty stomach episode. THIS IS HOW IT HAPPENS.

Cheese Update!

Numbers 44-47, let’s go!

A brie with wild mushrooms: all the best stuff. What’s not to love?

White Stilton with apricots: pointless. Why is this cheese? I should note I hate sulfured dried fruit. All I can taste is sulfur, a substance I don’t find appetizing. Sorry if you love this cheese, I hate to really trash something somebody loves.

Gruyere: I usually like it, but this one tasted off to me.

Beecher’s Flagship cheddar: wonderful, crystally cheddar. I know crystals in cheese are a whole thing and sometimes they’re supposed to be there and other times maybe not? As far as I’m concerned they should always be there, I love them, and I loved the texture and flavor of this cheese.

Cheese Update!

Last week’s final two cheeses, numbers 42 and 43.

Easygoing. Crumbly. Ate it with fruit. What else is new, yeah?

First off, I love blue cheese, like, love love it. I think about it when it’s not around, and I crave it, and I can imagine how it tastes when I’m not eating it, and then when I do eat it I feel strangely at peace.

fans self

Those are my feelings about blue cheese in general.

About this cheese specifically, I feel (1) the texture was dreamy, just so smooth and creamy and nice (2) did I keep it too long in the fridge? It had a strange, sheepy edge, and it’s not made from sheep’s milk. I don’t know. I’m going to try another one to compare.

Also ate this with fruit, which I doubt I needed to say.

Cheese Update!

Cheeses numbered 40 and 41, and I hope (fingers crossed!) to have 42 and 43 tomorrow.

Raclette. Everyone approached this meal with reluctance, because I don’t think they liked the smell of it, but the food disappeared quickly and I didn’t hear complaints. I’m aware this isn’t the most appetizing-looking photo, and, yet, it’s the photo I have, so here goes:

I did small potatoes, cornichons, and I made pickled onions. Whoops, forgot the meat. However, I also made a pizza-sort of thing in imitation of one I like to get at Elizabeth’s. It has fig jam, blue cheese, and prosciutto. Normally this would have been two separate meals, but I really need to use stuff while it was fresh, so a single meal it was.

I used this recipe for pickled onions. It’s my standard. It’s quick and easy and good. It’s an old Martha recipe:

This cheese is the first I’ve ever eaten and just thought, “This is a beautiful cheese.” The texture is light and somehow pretty, the goats milk flavor is mild but still present, and there’s exactly the right amount of lavender. I ate it with fruit, but it would make a lovely dinner. If I was serving it for dinner I’d put it with some endive leaves dressed simply, probably only with a fruity olive oil and coarse salt. Marcona almonds and a carpaccio of yellow summer squash in the style of Alain Passard would be so nice, too. Mmm.

Cheese Update!

Only three this week, numbers 37-39. I had four to eat, but didn’t get to the Stilton. Next week. Not to worry, we are still on schedule. I hope.

Another of those soft cheese with, in my opinion, big flavor. I suspect I’m not a stinky cheese person if I encounter this, what is probably a mild cheese, and am like, whoa. So, okay! Now we know. I’ll still try stronger cheeses though, just to see. I’m just saying, you’re going to hear about it.

Anyway, this cheese is basically a puddle held in shape by a plastic exoskeleton. The flavor is stronger than that of Brie.

Oniony. Cheese. Good.

Good flavor, but the processed flavor made me not enjoy eating it plain. I’d get it again to use for mac and cheese, but I think that’s all, really.*

*That didn’t make sense, did it? What I meant was I liked the green goddess flavor but the cheese itself was meh.

Last week was a real bear, and this week is, too. The blog suffers. I apologize.

Cheese Update!

Four cheeses this week, numbers 33-36.

Madrigal French baby Swiss. Is this a cheat? I already had baby Swiss on the list, but it wasn’t French baby Swiss, and I feel these distinctions will need to be made before all is said and done. My inclination is to think it makes sense to differentiate not just by style, but by provenance, but I don’t know much about this topic, so I could be cheating. Maybe someone will let me know, or will you all quietly endure my possibly shady ways with cheese counting? Your call. Unless I discover the answer for myself in my Internet travels, of course.

This was a yummy Gouda, loved hims.

Ah, a friendly Havarti. So easy to be with. I’m thinking of using this as an American cheese substitute more often please stop sneering—American cheese is delicious and useful as creamy salt, and I will die on this hill.

BUT. Havarti has great flavor, as well as that lovely texture, and also is not made of trash. I feel like I want to investigate meltability. Is it as user-friendly as American? I usually just…eat the cheese. It’s rare I’m melting or cooking it. So, we’ll see.

Oh, this little guy. Lol 2.82 wee tiny ounces of cheese, that is almost no cheese at all, you might say. I assure you this is plenty, for it is powerful and enduring, at least by my standards. You’ll notice from the rest of the list so far that I am a very basic cheese eater and could use some education, and this was a good start. It challenged my palate without being a horror. Just a nice, low-key, “Well, how about this?”

Found within

It’s fig season, let’s eat some figs

and grapes

That fluff in the front is mascarpone cheese with brown sugar mixed in, a darned delight.

When I walked into Anthropologie last week and the entire place smelled like fig, I just about lost it. I felt I had walked into my heart’s true home, but it wasn’t, it’s a store, people don’t live there, Shin Ae, no one gets to live there.

Anyway, a candle came home with me. It’s very good.

We’re having a gloomy day and maybe a tornado. Are you? Please do something nice for yourself, you deserve it.

Nani Iro Atelier Dress K and more

Three examples of Dress K. I made all three too large, and I am going to undo all of them.

The first, made from unbleached muslin. This is when I learned that, rather than tracing the lines for all the gathers, it would be far easier to simply measure where to put them on the fabric. I highly recommend this course of action if you’re making the dress. I spilled tea on it, don’t look.

Next, from one of my favorite Nani Iro prints, in cotton double-gauze.

A final version, which I’m in the process of picking apart. I’m excited to reuse the fabric. I appreciate how the pattern for the dress was created to use as much fabric without cutting as possible. This gives me more to work with when I reuse, and preserves the beautiful prints in the dresses. This is also cotton double-gauze.

Here’s the dress in the pattern book:

And, it’s from this book:

This ring came into my life yesterday. It was love at first sight.

It’s impossible to take a non-weird picture of your own hand! If you’re me! Anyway, here, have a leg as well!

When I went to pay for it, it was on sale, THEN the woman at the register gave me sweet compliments and discounted it FURTHER, which means now the ring is so full of good vibes it almost glows. I feel so happy whenever I look at it.

Cheese update! Four additional cheeses were eaten this week. Cheeses 29-32 are:

A honeyed, hard, goats milk cheese which was fine. Good. I’ll finish it, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to get it again.

Cheddar bathed in Chartreuse. Yes. Yes. Would absolutely go out of my way for this.

Also, I ate Cotija, which is delicious, and Jarlsberg, reliably good.

My effort to eat 100 different cheeses this year continues. This week I added cheeses 24-28 to the list. If you are new, you may be thinking my effort is doomed to failure; this is week 31 of the year and I have only eaten 28 cheeses. Never fear, I just started the count last week. This is definitely happening.

The week’s target was 3.5 cheeses, and I added 5. Mmm hmm.

Ski Queen. Rob loves it, the Internet loves it, I technically ate it. That’s all I have to say about Ski Queen.

Efficiency! Look at that three-for-one! Spanish cheeses* are in my comfort zone, and I liked them as always. I’m surprised these weren’t already on the list.

Cheese number five is the half-ton of burrata I forgot I ate throughout the winter. Go me? Anyway, it gets to be on the list.

My son gave me this shell and it’s the best shell I’ve ever seen in real life. I love every single thing about it, and I can’t stop looking at it in disbelief at how beautiful and wonderful it is. My goodness, what a thing. Anyway, I wanted to show it to you because it has brought me so much pleasure, and maybe you will enjoy looking at it, too.

*This was a silly thing to say. I meant the very commonly available Spanish cheeses, not every single cheese in Spain 😉