Still happy, still birthday

Birthday present show and tell!

This book, released just last week. It’s a treasure trove of patterns, plus it’s a beautiful object in itself.

A bottle of perfume, which I chose because it’s soft, and it tickles around the edges of my memory, in a good way. I’m choosing tell, not show, for that.

A necklace, from Midwinter. It’s a moonstone, and I love it.

delicate structures

I made a necklace for myself. I wanted something simple and fine, and I wanted it to be special to me, so I decided to make it.

I used a clear glass nailhead bead I’ve had in my collection for 20 years. I bought a few of them as antiques and have carefully put them only on my favorite things. I’m running low, and I should get more. It’s not that they’re hard to find, or expensive, but something makes them feel kind of magical to me. Irreplaceable, even though they are completely replaceable. Maybe it’s because of the time when I bought them, when my first son was tiny and the second not around yet. Everything felt momentous then.

Anyway, it makes me happy.